Software currently supported by Automation Services

Last updated: March 23, 1999


  1. Purpose of this document
  2. Standard software
  3. Additional software
  4. Specialty software
  5. Unsupported software


The purpose of this document is to specify what sofware is currently supported by Automation Services and what software, although unsupported, may or may not be acceptable to install on a PC. This document is not intended to be intimidating, merely informative. Like everyone else, we have limited resources / time and trying to troubleshoot software we know nothing about (not to mention didn't know was installed) is difficult and time consuming.


Standard software

The following software is generally included with every staff PC installation:


Additional software

The following software may be installed on the PC in addition to or instead of the software listed above, depending on the PC's location and use:


Specialty software

The following software is used for a specific purpose and is only installed on a limited number of PC's:


Unsupported software

Ideally, there shouldn't be any unsupported software on staff PC's, but we know things can and do get installed from time to time. This software basically falls into 3 categories:

New / evaluation software
New software that you find a need for or are trying out. We would prefer that you consult with us before installing this type of software. If there's a need for it and we don't already have something similar that's supported, we will probably add it to our supported list.
Fun software
Screensavers, wallpaper, games, etc. As long as it doesn't interfere with the PC's normal operation and there are no copying / licensing issues, we don't mind if you install this type of software. Heck, if it's neat enough we might even install it on our PC's. ;-) Just be aware that if / when the PC's software gets updated, you'll have to reinstall this type of software yourself.
Other software
Software from "home" or elsewhere that we don't have a license for. This type of software should not be installed on staff PC's. If you really have a need for it, then it probably falls into the first category above.