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  Produce list of bib records with no holdings Last modified: 2005-07-11 14:18
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Bug#: 117   Hardware:   Reporter: Ann Marie Obarski <annmarie.obarski@frontrange.edu>
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Remove selected CCs
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Description: reply Opened: 2005-03-17 10:55
I'd like to get a list of bib records that have no holdings so that we can begin
a systematic cleanup.  Records that I know about seen to fall into several
categories (but there are problably others):  1) FR and WPL temp records entered
for ILL purposes, 2) full bib records that were created by "system
administrator" about the time of migration, 3) Rocky Flats records for websites
and 4) some newish WPL records for new donations that will have holdings
attached in the near future.  

When the list is created, could we include some fields that would identity them
by the above types--like date created, user name etc.?

Also, after we get going, we will need to figure out why the ILL problem is

------- Additional Comment #1 From Eric Sisler 2005-05-31 14:18 [reply] ------- Private
Fields I can extract that may help you are:
  create_user (created by)
  create_date (date created)
  change_user (changed/edited by)
  change_date (date changed)

There are a few other fields in the bib_control table, but I don't think they
will be of much use.

Records created by "system administrator" are likely artifacts from the
migration. (Records incorrectly/incompletely deleted from Dynix, CARL, etc.)

Assuming I have done the query correctly, there are currently ~4,800 such
records in the system. I can extract them and export them to an Excel
spreadsheet for you. Do the fields above sound useful and what order do you want
the report sorted in?

If ILL items are still causing problems, please enter as a separate ticket with
additional details. Thanks!

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