Monday, October 22 2018
2:30pm - 4:30pm

Eve Rose - ENG 121

They are about to write an informative essay about an issue in society that they would like to see solved.
After this essay, which is due in a few weeks, they will use what they learned to write an argumentative essay.
For this first informative essay, they need to find at least three articles representing different points of views on the issue. For example, if they are writing about how to improve school safety, they might look at one piece advocating gun control, another calling for better mental health services, and yet another arguing for better security around the perimeter of a school. Later, they might decide to write their argumentative essay about the need for better mental health services to prevent school shootings.
Some of them have already decided that they want to argue in favor of "taking the knee," so they are looking for pro and con articles, but I am encouraging them to also look for something about civil disobedience and/or the underlying issues that players are protesting, such as racism and police brutality. In one of my classes, I have students arguing both sides of this issue.
Some students just know they are concerned about teen suicide and don't know what they want to argue for or against.
They need to learn how to use the library to do research and they need help finding articles. The only thing I have very briefly shown them is opposing viewpoints and CQ Researcher.
After you introduce them to the databases, etc., will you have time to walk around and help them search for articles that they need for this first informative essay?