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This page last updated: July 21, 2008

Welcome to the online home of Automation Services for the Westminster Public Library / Front Range Community College Library systems. Automation Services provides PC, network & server software / hardware support for over 130 PC's at 2 locations, including the College Hill Library, a joint venture between the City of Westminster and Front Range Community College

Accessing your Outlook e-mail account
Instructions for choosing your Outlook profile and which domain name to use.
Building a Library Network from Scratch: Eric & Veronica's Excellent Adventure
An article by Eric Sisler & Veronica Smith, published in the October 2000 issue of Computers in Libraries. Reproduced here with permission of the publisher.
Dynix Documentation
Dynix to Horizon Migration Information
Horizon version 7.3 Documentation:
Earth's Largest Library presentation
A presentation by Gail Dow, Julie Wessling and Veronica Smith for the CLA Spring Workshop, May 24, 2000. (Downloadable Microsoft Powerpoint presentation - right click on the link and choose "save as...")
Linux Information
Eric's Linux information. Find out what we use Linux for at the Library and why Eric says "Linux - don't fear the penguin."
Pager Guidelines.
Guidelines to help you decided if/when to page Automation Services staff.
PC & data recovery / storing documents on the server.
Automation Services PC & data recovery policy, plus some good information about why it's important to store your documents on the server and how to go about doing so.
Power outages & your computer
How to successfully restart the computers after a power outage.
Software supported by Automation Services
A list of software currently supported by Automation Services and what to do about software that isn't supported.
Windows 95 File Management 101
An HTML version of the handout used during staff training.

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